Stockholm February 2013

So over the past few days we have seen some great shows coming out of Stockholm Fashion Week.

Stockholm is one of my favourite Cities and I adore the fashion week there even more. There is something quite edgy about the whole event. It is obviously smaller than the main events in NY, Paris and London, but this also has its benefits. I love that we are seeing some High Street Brands and the amazing H&M Design Award as well as designers like Carin Wester, Whyred & Ann-Sofie BACK....

Cheap Monday held it's Fall 2013 Show at a School's Gymnasium in the Centre of Stockholm. They absolutely killed it with their wearable collection of layering, denim and lace. Red Headed Boys and Girls were sent down the catwalk with neon yellow lace and shoes to put a spin on the SS13 Grunge Trend, which we see continuing through to the Autumn Season.

All Images from www.style.com

X jessie

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