The IT Bag

One of the most perfect bags you've ever seen? Yeah me too. This first It Bag post is too show you this AMAZING bag from the wonderful Missoni. Powder Blue is my favourite colour of the season and when in the form of a handbags my heart strings are well and truly being pulled. On the down side there is a price tag of £1,170 so it looks like I'll miss out this time! If anyone knows of anything on the high street similar please please let me know.

What bag are you dreaming of this season?

X jessie

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STYLE | Clueless Girl

 photo 12c23e01-7d60-4c56-ad04-79ac87ce332b_zpse3c5b507.jpg  photo 856a1304-3bb3-48f8-8e70-f3030699091c_zpsc4f08bae.jpg photo 5ad91a1a-73f6-48f2-a351-87392f5d1845_zps852478c9.jpg  photo b1ebf898-d4a2-4ac9-a773-45d593310771_zps38878118.jpg   photo 156796c7-5638-4229-a683-ebba76523c09_zps5b31505f.jpg
Jumper- Zara
Skirt- Charity Shop
Boots- Primark
Bomber- Monki
Backpack- Urban Outfitters (old)

Last week I apologised on twitter for being missing on the blogging front and originally I explained it was work being so busy, which it was. Then last week our family had some bad news. Without going into it too much detail cancer seems to have struck again and I must say I'm finding it rather difficult. I'm hoping that blogging will be a way for me to escape even if it is for an hour or so. Anyway I'm staying positive and all my fingers are crossed. 

I wore this outfit while lunching and quite honestly trying to take my mind of everything that's happening. I bought the jumper in the Zara sale for a mere £10, but it sucks as it is no longer online! The skirt is one of my favourite buys in the last few weeks. I got it from a charity shop for £3.50! Bargain hunter of the year? I think so!...

Anyway I hope to keep going with my blog and I'm looking to introduce some accessory focused posts, so watch out.

X jessie

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STYLE | Brogues & Neopreen

 photo 900175c7-e6c7-4a9b-8c46-d9cc0eb517a9_zps840fc743.jpg
 photo 92b9f81e-39c0-4d4d-b4de-63e9e852147d_zps12783792.jpg
 photo 543842ee-75df-42eb-a633-7508d14373a3_zpsec3ce3a5.jpg
 photo cf686c57-9e36-4ece-a487-b5ebfbe2f9d5_zps9e45d1de.jpg
 photo 253c8017-94a7-475f-82f5-7ea08fef5965_zps62f3ad02.jpg
 photo c167fef1-9a8f-45b6-b07d-6f8d65043ddb_zps5b23e043.jpg
 photo 8aa8ed18-b897-45d2-ae23-a63db95d8617_zps1c81a9a1.jpg
Jumper- COS (last season)
Jeans- Gap
Coat- Sample Sale
Socks- Topshop
Brogues- Office
Bag- Debenhams

Brogues. Something I've always been unsure about. I've always found it hard to style them up, without feeling like a boy without dress sense. My lovely boyfriend Ben bought them me and I cannot take them off my feet. Usually i'm in boots throughout winter so this makes a nice change, worn with my boyfriend jeans and knitted jumper I hopefully jazzed them up a little.

X jessie

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WATCH | Helen Lawrence

All Images from Vogue.co.uk

Helen Lawrence graduated from CSM in 2012, following a stint at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Since showcasing last year as part of Fashion Scout's Ones to Watch, Lawrence has created quite a stir. With features in V Magazine, I-D and vogue.co.uk, Lawrence is creating a name for herself as the new Knitwear Queen, using her needles for cute knickers & mis-matched sweaters.She is everything a contemporary designer should be and pairing these with PVC skirts was the icing on top of those cake coloured pastels. Perfect.

Lawrence will be showing at London Fashion Week this February as part of Fashion East. The group that were responsible for launching the career of designers Roksanda Ilincic & Meadham Kirchhoff will also be supporting up and coming designers Ashley Williams and Louise Alsop for their AW14/15 season. I will be fully supporting Lawrence at Fashion Week and the possibilities of what awaits is killing me as we speak.

X jessie

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STYLE | Mono Leopard

 photo 48438d32-6cc3-400d-852c-66d507cfd3c3_zps1d1c05ad.jpg  photo 4c4f02a7-2fb5-459c-968d-bcbf261b3983_zps798f37fa.jpg  photo acb94688-ce26-4e68-bf9d-39f92be85099_zps554feb11.jpg  photo 7aee9e18-6d41-4f03-8d3f-be6101b9a4ca_zpscfc15ce3.jpg  photo 49ff25ac-3b25-454b-a370-8dcee436371e_zps9f5b0ba2.jpg  photo 9a52d435-d573-4e0a-bd6f-e6156d70db38_zps826f2878.jpg  photo 1c8d37d4-67ef-4ac1-98d1-cd41a823b9da_zps6945ab8b.jpg  photo c33ebe7f-974e-495f-994a-a884a4395a94_zpsd85863d1.jpg
Coat- Sample Sale at Debenhams
Shirt- Glassons (not online)

Happy Tuesday! It's the first week back at work and boy has it come with a bang! I'm already feeling the strain and it's 3 days until weekend!...Anyhow on a more happier note, my lovely boyfriend Ben took these shots while we did some sale shopping on Saturday whilst at home in Manchester. I rummaged as much as humanly possible, but still didn't find anything that great. How successful have you been with the sales?

To finish off we enjoyed some rather delicious food & drink at Home Sweet Home cafe in the Northern Quarter and to be frank this was absolutely fab. Every kind of drink you can think of and Cake's Mary Berry would be proud of. Yum! Yum! I'd definitely recommend you visit if you ever happen to be in that neck of woods, it made a somewhat fabulous end to a great Christmas.

X jessie

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STYLE | Christmas Boots

 photo 49da18b8-426e-408b-9f6b-2fdf61d48dbb_zpsfda2841f.jpg
 photo a8186997-f168-4d22-b242-ccf44380ddee_zpsc4885050.jpg
 photo 5f98f33d-e9b9-42ef-8720-3da323191144_zps9aaae469.jpg
 photo b7a2c7bc-9d01-4ef5-a466-1c6424e16b93_zpsf484fff5.jpg
 photo 502f4d78-3e98-4f9b-b37d-36ef1c7ca0c1_zpsd3a5b924.jpg
 photo 46e11a7c-c24f-4cdc-b31b-63d2170df223_zpsc0483ede.jpg
 photo ffd318fb-1241-4022-9c0b-bd6a28e27f8e_zps44a91a83.jpg
 photo f6116bf0-5641-49b2-8a1a-fc7a495e8c23_zps5f36577d.jpg
Dress- Miss Selfridge (not online)
Jacket- Topshop (similar here)
Bag- Debenhams (last season)
Boots- Debenhams (last season)

As it's the holiday season, I'm seeing so much glitz and sparkle, but that just isn't my thing...with that in mind I pulled out these red boots as the next best thing. I got them a few years back, but I regularly blow of the cobwebs during the winter season to make a simple black outfit feel more christmassy and hopefully I've done just that. 

X jessie