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Coat- Sample Sale at Debenhams
Shirt- Glassons (not online)

Happy Tuesday! It's the first week back at work and boy has it come with a bang! I'm already feeling the strain and it's 3 days until weekend!...Anyhow on a more happier note, my lovely boyfriend Ben took these shots while we did some sale shopping on Saturday whilst at home in Manchester. I rummaged as much as humanly possible, but still didn't find anything that great. How successful have you been with the sales?

To finish off we enjoyed some rather delicious food & drink at Home Sweet Home cafe in the Northern Quarter and to be frank this was absolutely fab. Every kind of drink you can think of and Cake's Mary Berry would be proud of. Yum! Yum! I'd definitely recommend you visit if you ever happen to be in that neck of woods, it made a somewhat fabulous end to a great Christmas.

X jessie

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! I love your coat!!! xox


  2. these shots are just amazing! New camera babe? Love the look also and Home Sweet Home is just a belter! x

    1. i don't no sadly, but we used my boyf's this week instead and his is much better than mine! x

  3. amazing- what camera do you use? x

    1. this is a Canon 500D, but with a macro lens x

  4. How have I only just came across your blog? Great styling, loving the coat! Nice to meet another local blogger, I'm living in Manchester for uni at the moment, I'll definitely be popping into home sweet home, I've only been to teacup so far!



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