I wish, I wish

Happy new years eve, eve. I've been rather busy and entered a fab competition and the good news is you can do it too! All you need to do is create a wish list on ASOS Fashion Finder including some lovely dreamy pieces from online retailer Covetique. This is the greatest place ever to buy and sell pre-owned designer pieces.

So, when creating your wish list include at least 2 pieces from Covetique and you have a chance to win £100 ASOS vouchers, not bad 'ey!? Go on, what are you waiting for, you can enter the competition here and also check out my ASOS Fashion finder profile too here.

X jessie


STYLE | Red Leather

 photo f0855d81-8325-4b9a-8db2-e4bc1a14d132_zpse395dc37.jpg  photo 18eb9709-28e4-4f6e-a81c-ced5fba78b74_zps0ceff8b5.jpg  photo 1c8e77e1-6474-47c4-a127-bcaa30825e15_zps29d310a0.jpg  photo d759d241-f3d8-49e9-a17f-c06556839376_zps4d87a707.jpg  photo 63b804b9-0027-44fc-9699-506873faf557_zps888c295d.jpg  photo 437cc321-a5f4-46b2-8d85-1deb83d718ea_zps284a111a.jpg  photo a672d836-5ecc-42d7-8db8-1c9e1cfe0f7f_zps05653841.jpg
Roll Neck- Primark
Skirt- Next (not online)
Shoes- Debenhams (not online)

Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you've had a ball as much as me. Food, family and friends is what it's all about at this time of year and that's just what I've been doing. Visiting everyone and just enjoying some time off and also time away from London. 

Totally of subject, but if you didn't know I'm obsessed with dachshunds and my boyfriend bought me this super cute necklace a few weeks back. Its first outing was on a casual day out up north. A rather simple look, but I adore this red pu skirt that I bought from Next last season.  A perfect A-Line shape it's great for day through tonight, which is just what you want at this time of year....don't cha think?!

X jessie


STYLE | Karen Walker

 photo 70828b7b-eb06-4c8f-aefb-c126cc985e8f_zps51cbae14.jpg  photo 212bb1cf-f365-4899-a4ea-bd9ba8af487e_zps390d74c7.jpg photo 6de46361-ca79-4c64-94de-38cd7d1d0325_zps06f194c8.jpg  photo 09dca273-186d-4fc4-8a5e-514a1822b430_zps2bc25b27.jpg  photo 8fc511e4-ce7c-437c-ad6a-956dc4ffc2ea_zps3ffb8474.jpg
Dress- Karen Walker
Bag- Sample Sale
Boots- Primark

HOLLA...firstly I'm going to apologise for being MIA this week. I've not been feeling too good and just haven't been in the right frame of mind for blogging with so much going on...Anyhow I'm back in full swing so let me show you what I have for you guys...I bought this Karen Walker dress while I was in New Zealand and I absolutely love it. Its made from sweatshirt material making it perfect for winter when worn with some opaque's and comfy ankle boots. I added a splash of colour with this amazing sporty x-body, just so the look wasn't too mono....even if that's what I do best.

One more thing, please, please, please check out Karen Walker here. The new range is amazing and although it's winter here don't forget to also look at her sunglasses collection, you will not regret it. Promise.

X jessie


STYLE | Powderblue hues

 photo 8dd606e0-4aff-4b0a-b548-04c5b2113163_zpsf8648307.jpg  photo 9dad07e0-86a9-4235-84ea-bf92bdc13d06_zpsa457f8d2.jpg  photo b0841ef6-e13d-44fb-b1be-2efa7e9a831c_zps57396705.jpg  photo 6141abaa-17a0-4c03-87ca-711a053966cb_zps85b926aa.jpg  photo 7aeeef61-c0bc-43e0-be97-af3691b75179_zps10eb003e.jpg photo 85fb1399-4313-44f8-a0de-8e8023e7eb2f_zps8881fbc7.jpg  photo d2eea646-ef6e-4482-99a2-1244d22ffecf_zps75783791.jpg
Jumper- H&M (not online)
Jeans- Primark (last season)
Bag- Chanel
Shoes- Primark
Ring- Ebay

Hello you gorgeous lot, how was your weekend? So with just over a week till Christmas, I spent mine buying presents and finding some cheeky new bits for myself (obviously). This look was indeed from that trip and I'm rather happy if I'm honest. After searching for the perfect powderblue knit for a month or so I was over the moon to find this bad boy in H&M for a mere £7...bargain right?! They also had them in navy, grey and black so don't be too shocked when you see me in another over the next few weeks!

Successful weekend if you ask me.

X jessie



 photo 4e5ed631-8d35-4176-bb7d-e305deac2703_zpsce958f2e.jpg photo a8f87ab2-35ba-445c-b4dc-2171ecb4bafe_zps61381230.jpg photo 05a1eb8e-b861-4350-804a-d0f34f8fe756_zps5d8f096b.jpg  photo 155a05bd-2724-4d03-a627-a5e9ccba7627_zpscb31de3d.jpg  photo 81331804-884e-48cd-9659-1216a9dfda1d_zpsafa60af0.jpg  photo 78dd256c-ceac-4be7-bd83-d6bc22ce12cf_zpsff3ff598.jpg  photo 24e976c8-e9f0-48d1-9bb7-87b5155c0ad7_zps5c024ece.jpg
Dress- c/o R-A-J-E
Roll Neck- Primark
Trousers- Topshop
Boots- Primark
Bag- Mulberry

I've been aiming to wear today's look for so long, but today's weather has finally enabled me too. Sent to me by the guys at R-A-J-E this dress is perfect for the festive season, as it looks like I'm wrapped up in a huge pretty bow. Teamed with a roll neck and pu trousers to keep me warm and I couldn't be happier.

X jessie 


Inspiration #1

Clockwise L-R: WGSN,  Magazine Tear, COS, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney SS14.

Whilst at university I use to form more inspiration boards than I can remember and I continue to do so every so often. Although they're not needed in my job on a day to day basis I like to keep my creative mind buzzing, hence I'd thought I would share you what's going on in this little head of mine. For me inspiration can come from all over, but recently the key things that have been influencing me are new fabric and textures.

Iridescent has shot of like a rocket in recent months and this clutch is simply perfection. We all know how I love a good bag and when it's in this fabric and winged whats not to like?! Threaded and cleated sole's have been on my radar for a while now and no one does it better than the queen herself, Stella McCartney. Finally...sleek, simple cuts with an oversized boyish feel are what I've been searching for most this Autumn, with extra large coats and knitwear. Now we run into winter I'm hoping to build layers of mesh and brocade into my wardrobe, just like the Wang and COS have done so effortlessly here.

Is anything inspiring you lately?

X jessie


STYLE | Dungarees

 photo 741bf519-f71a-4b36-a763-70b77f0b470f_zps7b5dde03.jpg  photo 24f0062c-09ce-4c08-a281-ae6e597cce45_zpsd4590850.jpg  photo bb5f6c97-b27f-4bf8-8741-7c07523bc803_zps78d0e27a.jpg  photo 79463f21-8812-4aa9-a51f-6f73dcbfb4f2_zps608120c2.jpg  photo f68fba35-45d9-40b6-ada2-902d076f4ecb_zpsf1d43e0e.jpg  photo f7a6e599-b9aa-47cd-957e-2fed47a9fe43_zpsae616cc1.jpg photo 9a3dcf1e-dd02-4613-bba0-09052541a457_zpscfe3beae.jpg
Playsuit- Glassons
Boots- Primark
Bomber- Monki

So it's 3 weeks till Christmas and the sun was shining yesterday in London. With that in mind I decided to wear my leather playsuit bare legged for my night out in Brixton. It was rather chilly if I'm honest and probably not the best idea considering it is December and the midst of winter...however it was perfect for a night dancing in a club. 

How's everyones weekend been?

X jessie


STYLE | Summer's Finale

 photo c40cbf93-e78e-4e22-9f3a-261450d698b1_zps7901121d.jpg  photo c910874c-6677-43a9-bb97-50fa0a8aefa4_zps8d9260e1.jpg http://s1353.photobucket.com/user/jessie_spanswick/slideshow/SUMMER%20END
 photo 14b1cb53-02aa-405d-82c6-112415d12411_zps44976900.jpg  photo 138f8b3b-8091-40e4-a39f-83f1592bfb4e_zps07636625.jpg  photo 99c9f84e-d64b-4871-895a-07ee2c663541_zps94a102a8.jpg  photo 16cf2148-a403-4a94-939f-5829d158416c_zpsec60ed59.jpg  photo 82ced0bc-ae22-46a9-ad5f-70243cdd92fd_zpsba68d8b9.jpg  photo 4ecab20e-63c0-46a6-8e14-e8ecc9766cdc_zps5bff5d14.jpg
Dress- Glassons
Necklace- Glassons
Trainers- New Balance via ASOS
Backpack- Le Tanneur
Bomber- Monki
Bracelets- Articulate
Socks- Primark

Happy December All and hello! So over the past few weeks I've been a little bit of a jet setter visiting both Hong Kong and New Zealand and I can honestly say it was the best holiday I've EVER had! It was rather warm and so I was able to enjoy a couple more weeks showing of my summer wardrobe before returning to the chill (boy is it cold!).

A quick post to show of this super cute dress from New Zealand brand Glassons which I think you should definitely check out! Retail prices are pretty low and there stuff is bang on trend, which if you ask me is rather perfect.

X jessie