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 photo 70828b7b-eb06-4c8f-aefb-c126cc985e8f_zps51cbae14.jpg  photo 212bb1cf-f365-4899-a4ea-bd9ba8af487e_zps390d74c7.jpg photo 6de46361-ca79-4c64-94de-38cd7d1d0325_zps06f194c8.jpg  photo 09dca273-186d-4fc4-8a5e-514a1822b430_zps2bc25b27.jpg  photo 8fc511e4-ce7c-437c-ad6a-956dc4ffc2ea_zps3ffb8474.jpg
Dress- Karen Walker
Bag- Sample Sale
Boots- Primark

HOLLA...firstly I'm going to apologise for being MIA this week. I've not been feeling too good and just haven't been in the right frame of mind for blogging with so much going on...Anyhow I'm back in full swing so let me show you what I have for you guys...I bought this Karen Walker dress while I was in New Zealand and I absolutely love it. Its made from sweatshirt material making it perfect for winter when worn with some opaque's and comfy ankle boots. I added a splash of colour with this amazing sporty x-body, just so the look wasn't too mono....even if that's what I do best.

One more thing, please, please, please check out Karen Walker here. The new range is amazing and although it's winter here don't forget to also look at her sunglasses collection, you will not regret it. Promise.

X jessie


  1. Bladdy hell so gorgeous babe! such a stunning dress and I adore the pop of colour with that stunning bag!! xx

  2. I love your dress and tights! Looks lovely!!

    I will try out Khoobsoorati.com.

    I tagged you in the Liebster Award so if you head over to my blog there are some questions waiting for you :)

    Defining Me

    1. thanks so much, ill head over there now xxx


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