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 photo 8dd606e0-4aff-4b0a-b548-04c5b2113163_zpsf8648307.jpg  photo 9dad07e0-86a9-4235-84ea-bf92bdc13d06_zpsa457f8d2.jpg  photo b0841ef6-e13d-44fb-b1be-2efa7e9a831c_zps57396705.jpg  photo 6141abaa-17a0-4c03-87ca-711a053966cb_zps85b926aa.jpg  photo 7aeeef61-c0bc-43e0-be97-af3691b75179_zps10eb003e.jpg photo 85fb1399-4313-44f8-a0de-8e8023e7eb2f_zps8881fbc7.jpg  photo d2eea646-ef6e-4482-99a2-1244d22ffecf_zps75783791.jpg
Jumper- H&M (not online)
Jeans- Primark (last season)
Bag- Chanel
Shoes- Primark
Ring- Ebay

Hello you gorgeous lot, how was your weekend? So with just over a week till Christmas, I spent mine buying presents and finding some cheeky new bits for myself (obviously). This look was indeed from that trip and I'm rather happy if I'm honest. After searching for the perfect powderblue knit for a month or so I was over the moon to find this bad boy in H&M for a mere £7...bargain right?! They also had them in navy, grey and black so don't be too shocked when you see me in another over the next few weeks!

Successful weekend if you ask me.

X jessie


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