STYLE | Summer's Finale

 photo c40cbf93-e78e-4e22-9f3a-261450d698b1_zps7901121d.jpg  photo c910874c-6677-43a9-bb97-50fa0a8aefa4_zps8d9260e1.jpg http://s1353.photobucket.com/user/jessie_spanswick/slideshow/SUMMER%20END
 photo 14b1cb53-02aa-405d-82c6-112415d12411_zps44976900.jpg  photo 138f8b3b-8091-40e4-a39f-83f1592bfb4e_zps07636625.jpg  photo 99c9f84e-d64b-4871-895a-07ee2c663541_zps94a102a8.jpg  photo 16cf2148-a403-4a94-939f-5829d158416c_zpsec60ed59.jpg  photo 82ced0bc-ae22-46a9-ad5f-70243cdd92fd_zpsba68d8b9.jpg  photo 4ecab20e-63c0-46a6-8e14-e8ecc9766cdc_zps5bff5d14.jpg
Dress- Glassons
Necklace- Glassons
Trainers- New Balance via ASOS
Backpack- Le Tanneur
Bomber- Monki
Bracelets- Articulate
Socks- Primark

Happy December All and hello! So over the past few weeks I've been a little bit of a jet setter visiting both Hong Kong and New Zealand and I can honestly say it was the best holiday I've EVER had! It was rather warm and so I was able to enjoy a couple more weeks showing of my summer wardrobe before returning to the chill (boy is it cold!).

A quick post to show of this super cute dress from New Zealand brand Glassons which I think you should definitely check out! Retail prices are pretty low and there stuff is bang on trend, which if you ask me is rather perfect.

X jessie


  1. Love the dress! Especially the cut out detail. I need some new balance in my life x


    1. I already have a small collection, but its too hard to stop!

  2. omg you are gorgeous! love how you've paired the dress with the trainers, so beaut x


  3. amazing!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo


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