STYLE | Christmas Boots

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 photo a8186997-f168-4d22-b242-ccf44380ddee_zpsc4885050.jpg
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 photo 502f4d78-3e98-4f9b-b37d-36ef1c7ca0c1_zpsd3a5b924.jpg
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 photo ffd318fb-1241-4022-9c0b-bd6a28e27f8e_zps44a91a83.jpg
 photo f6116bf0-5641-49b2-8a1a-fc7a495e8c23_zps5f36577d.jpg
Dress- Miss Selfridge (not online)
Jacket- Topshop (similar here)
Bag- Debenhams (last season)
Boots- Debenhams (last season)

As it's the holiday season, I'm seeing so much glitz and sparkle, but that just isn't my thing...with that in mind I pulled out these red boots as the next best thing. I got them a few years back, but I regularly blow of the cobwebs during the winter season to make a simple black outfit feel more christmassy and hopefully I've done just that. 

X jessie


  1. You're looking wonderful, and your boots are AMAZING!

  2. Gorgeous outfit! Love the dress :)


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    xoxo, J

  4. Love all of it, you look fab :)


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