Festival Favourites at NEXT

So summer is here and we are all preparing our summer wardrobe and in particular those festival pieces. whether you'e rocking it out at Glastonbury or going fr chilled summer vibes in Ibiza, there's a festival that suits every kind of taste and picking your top pieces to pack with you is all part of the fun, so when I was checking out Next online I was super happy to find so many amazing pieces.

1. Laser Cut Sleeveless Top- £28 / 2. Tye Dye Shorts- £30 / 3. Black Flatforms- £35 / 4. Sunglasses- £15 /
/ 5. Bracelet- £10 / 6. Backpack- £26.

Unfortunately for the first year in many I have no festivals planned and some may call this irony but this year I've found so many bangin' festival pieces, it's such a shame I have wont be wearing them anywhere! From Next I chose this cute laser cute vest, this would be perfect tucked into the Tye Dye Hot Pants and teamed with these Chunky Black Flatforms. To channel my Boho Queen I've accessorized this with some oversized round Sunnies, Beaded Bracelets and an Aztec Backpack. 

Well then these are my favourite pieces, what do you think? Somebody please say they'll take me with them so I can buy everything! So where are you heading this summer and what will you be wearing? 

X jessie


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