Orla Kiely A/W 14 Presentation

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Well, what a fabulous weekend I've had...LFW arrived and so did a rather unexpected email from Orla Kiely. I was lucky enough to receive an Invite to their A/W14 Presentation (que the screams). I was SO excited. I've been a fan of Kiely for many years, the prints they develop in particular are so amazing, hence you can imagine my excitement.

Early Saturday I hurried from the Jasper Conran show to the Orla Kiely presentation in Holborn. The venue was Central St Martins, the king of all Fashion Universities. It was elegant, opulent and beautiful. It felt like I was entering a museum, where the treasures of the past were held, rather magical if you ask me.

It's raining cats and dogs began with the pitter-patter of raindrops and a cobbled street projected onto the floor, while a bench and lamp post created the backdrop. Cigarette trousers in pastel pink & full skirts in grass green hues were particularly feminine. Also popular were roll neck jumpers in tones of mustard & navy. Alongside this was tea dresses in a polka dot print & tailored suits with cats embossed onto them. Cats were key throughout as were the oversized glossy buttons & 60's styling . Outerwear was also major with an oversized wool double breast coat in powder blue complimenting boyfriend style fluffy jackets.

The girls read the paper, danced & chatted throughout the presentation. All in all it was very British affair and was a kind of tribute to the good ole' weather we have. Models wore Clarks X Orla Kiely Mary Jane's with iconic statement prints on the soles. To accompany was embossed cut out tote bags in patent and high shine leather, as well as fur collars and transparent dome shaped umbrellas.

To finish each model wore a printed raincoat while singing in the rain was softly sang in the background. Overall it was a rather magical & feminine presentation; from the 60's styling, to the bench, to the cute puppy that was carried by a model. Orla Kiely gave an impressive collection and in fact proved that you can indeed look fabulous in the rain.

X jessie

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  1. i love this type of presentation - there is something much cooler than a runway show about it ! love the prints as always x

    1. I totally agree! It feels a lot more personal in my eyes.

  2. I really love your style so I'm following you right now!!
    Have a nice day xx


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