I Pugging Love You.

So, it is a few days till supposedly the most romantic day of the year and the question is are you ready? No, me either... my attitude to Valentine’s is somewhat similar to Scrooge’s feelings about Christmas. Generally I think it’s far too over the top and rather cringe if I’m honest. I do in fact have someone I love very much, however I don't feel the need to go over the top with teddies and chocolates shaped like hearts to prove so.

This year, however with a new year’s resolution to be more positive I’ve decided to embrace the love and I will in fact be getting my other half a little present.  Baring in mind my usual (old) opinion of this day the presents I’ve been looking at are more on the quirky side. I’ve put together a small group of gift ideas of the type of things I’d give so let me know your thought's!

1. Diptyque Noisetier candle- in general all Diptyque products are fabulous, but the candles in particular blow me away. The scent is strong enough for the room to smell without being overpowering, although with a price tag of £40 for standard size they don’t come cheap. However, if you want a candle that is extra special Diptyque are well worth the investment.

2. Notonthehighstreet Phone Case- A cute rubber IPhone case with the words I pugging love you. Ok I don’t need to say anything else about this one.

3. Urban Outfitters You’re so Awesome book- This is amazing! On each page there is various sentences which you can fill out about someone and give them as a gift. How cute? Show someone why they’re so awesome to you!

4. Urban Outfitters Heart Frame- This would go perfectly in my room, in a vintage paint effect it’s the perfect frame for a picture of you and your loved one.

5. Notonthehighstreet Illustration- One of the reasons I love this website is because of the personalisation you can add to gifts and what cuter way than initials of you and your lover in a rather contemporary illustration? This would go perfect in my kitchen...

6. Notonthehighstreet I Love Your Face Mug-I’m an avid tea drinker and so is Benjamin. A rather perfect gift no? I thought so.

So there you have it, A few ideas that doesn’t involve roses, chocolate or teddy bears. I hope you like them...let me know what you’re planning on getting for someone this valentines, is it your thing or are you still dubious like me?

X Jessie

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  1. So happy.....I love this!

  2. I feel exactly the same about Valentines I think it should be a nice day but no soppiness please ha! Love that little Urban Outfitters book!

    Salted Roses Fashion & Beauty

    1. I know I love these pieces, this is as far as I can go! x


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