How's everybody's Saturday going? I was super pleased this morning when I received an invited to the launch of ethical clothing brand R-A-J-E. Have you heard of them? If you haven't then listen up! R-A-J-E is made up of Roanna Price, Annie Price, Joey Instone & Emily Coles. The 4 piece describe themselves as "an ethical design collective based in London and beyond". I am yet to see what the collective have to offer, but if their blog is anything to go by I'm sure we'll be in for a real treat!

Creative and Intriguing their blog Becoming R-A-J-E is a personal account of their highs and lows as an Ethical brand starting out in the Fashion Industry. Each member of the brand contribute to the blog, with their individual writing styles working brilliantly alone, whilst also complimenting each other. This has developed a  character for the newly formed collective and I cannot wait to see more!

I am super Excited to attend their launch in London in May and I'll be sure to give you the details! Why not check out their blog here.

What do you think of R-A-J-E? I would love if you could follow me on GFC and Bloglovin and be sure to leave your links, so I can check what you guys are up to!

X jessie


  1. thats so awesome ur attending a launch! sounds really coool :) xxx


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