The Road to Coachella by Topshop

How's everybody's week so far? I've got the mid week blues and so I decided to cheer myself up with some retail therapy. After going to my obvious first pit stop Topshop I came across the beautiful new video featuring Kate Bosworth. Have you seen it? Have a look below....

The way this has been shot means I am in absolute awe of Bosworth and the new product she is donning. I love the softness of the film and the relaxed hippie festival trend that is coming through on each of the looks. My absolute favourite is the final look of the video. A soft white dress is an absolute winner for a hot summers day. Beautiful.

What do you think of the video? How beautiful is Kate seriously!?

X jessie


  1. she looks great- want to follow eachother? xx

    1. I know doesn't she just.

      Following you now!



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