2 in 1

If you're like me and the majority of others in the UK, you'll also love a bit of summer, when we get it that is. What better way to celebrate this than in the form of a new summer wardrobe?!! In honour of this I wanted to share with you my favourite summer look of the season- The Co-Ord or 2 Piece to you and me.

These are a few of my favourite 2 pieces at the moment. I particularly love the ISWAI tailored suit, I mean how amazing for summer is this? So so cute and at a great price! I also love the RI Kaleidoscope set, the pattern is so pretty and I love the fit of the trousers!!! What do you think of them? Is there anything you want to get your hands on? Leave a comment and your links below!

X jessie


  1. Love the River Island pieces! Such pretty trousers x



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