Monoscope with Boohoo

At first look the Monochrome Trend seems quite effortless, however I think there is more too it and getting just the right ratio of black to white is key. Obviously me being me black would always take centre stage. These are some examples of a way of nailing the look in a chic way.

These are my top 4 picks from the range at Boohoo and they're take on the trend is absolutely bang on. Check it out through my banner on the right. I absolutely love the spotted trousers, though I already have something so similar not sure I can justify it. Can I?! I also love the mix match printed dress. Bank balance please be good to me this month so I'm able to have this beauty.

What do you think then? Anything catch your eye?

X Jessie


  1. Love the monochrome trend, feel free to check out our newest post x

    1. Me too-something I'm loving at the minute xxx


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