Nicola Crawford and Angel Armogida

Images from Lorilee

Last Thursday I was invited to attend a great event held by Blogger Love at The Penthouse in Leicester Square. It was showcasing 2 new designers. Angel Armogida and Nicola Crawford. Armogida is a brand that is glamorous, feminine and pretty at the same time. Floor length dresses in soft silk fabric echo's luxury. Although the collection was beautiful, it isn't really my kind of thing. I just never feel I have the right occasion to wear such a fancy piece. The other designer was Nicola Crawford, a jewellery designer that to be honest was right up my street. Elegant hand made pieces of silver and gold with a cute twist. Necklace's with 'love' and dainty rose rings, there was just something sweet about the whole thing.

There then was a lil competition; blog/tweet about the event to be in with a chance of winning a Nicola Crawford piece and I won!!! Yes, yes, you heard it right, I won. You can imagine my shock as I have never won a thing in my LIFE. Ahhhh it felt oh so sweet. A beautiful necklace with three kisses, check it here. In brushed and shiny silver, It is so pretty and I have worn it nearly every day since the event. The lookbook is also magical with each collection shot in a different way and taken from another form of inspiration. Sound like you would like this lady? Check out Nicola Crawford here.

It was a great night and I met some lovely people; Sophie from sophisticatexx, Elinor from Little Red and Lorilee from Lorilee London. Check out their blogs now! Have you been anywhere great lately?

X jessie

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