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Dungarees- Topshop (no longer online)
Shoes- Urban Outfitters (old, similar here)
Cropped Top- (Ebay)
Sunglasses- Primark (similar here)

This is one of my absolute favourite buys of the year so far. Bought just before my jolly holiday with mama bear. It is quite a statement piece, but I've actually found it is really easy to wear. This look was for a day in the office. While the weather's been rather pleasant and not piping hot, it's the perfect thing to throw on, especially if you want to catch someone's eye! Topshop are of course the masters behind this beauty. Finished off with my lattice block heel sandals from Urban Outfitters and a simple cropped top and I'm done.

What do y'all think? Leave me your links and comments :)

X jessie


  1. love this look, i'd look like a bloody fool in this, and trust me i've tried it on ;) but you rock it, as per usual!!!

  2. Stunning! You rock this look perfectly
    byroselondon.blogspot.co.uk x


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