Global Kids Fashion Week!

So like so many of us do, today I was reading Grazia on my lunch hour and I was absolutely besotted as soon as I saw the words. Global Kids Fashion Week. I mean how adorable?! I know that we shouldn't be putting so much pressure on kids and youth today in terms of body image etc, but I really could not help looking at the pictures and thinking oh my god, how CUTE?!

The event was sponsored by established brands such as Paul Smith Junior, Chloe, Tommy Hilfiger, Junior Gaultier, Diesel, Little Marc Jacobs & so many more. Although the week was centered around new fashion from around the world there was also entertainment, activities and fundraising that included both the children and their parents. 

Sponsored by AlexandAlexa.com the fashion shows were infused with dancing, laughing and even balloons, whilst still having a high degree of professionalism. Overall it seemed like a great few days that has given brands the opportunity to build up there exposure on Kidswear and its status as a ever expanding industry.  

 Kenzo & Anne Kurris

Paul Smith Junior & Little Marc Jacobs

Roberto Cavalli  & Chloe 

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