WIWT: What I Want Today!

Hello! So it's the beginning of the month, we've all just been paid and have a few sneaky things we want to buy! Wanting so many thins, all the time can take it's toll on your bank. Sooo....I decided the best way to work out what I really wanted was to show you guys my top items each month- the things i'll be looking at buying, or maybe wishing I could buy depending on the price tag! Is there a staple piece you're wanting to get your hand on this month? Or are you saving your pennies for something extra special?

Let me know your thoughts, comments & ideas and I hope you enjoy my What I Want Today: March!

X jessie

1. Mawi Statement Necklace £351- www.mawi.co.uk
2. Topshop Unique Chiffon Overlay Skirt £85- www.topshop.com
3. Topshop HANNA Flatforms £32- www.topshop.com
4. ASOS Jacquard Shift Dress £45- www.ASOS.com
5. Whistles Leather Backpack £275- www.whistles.co.uk
6. Love Label Perspex Heel Sandal £45- www.very.co.uk 

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