Diamonds & Pearls

You probably think I've been doing a lot of wish list's and outfit posts recently, but it literally is because there is so much out there right now! But if I'm honest, my bank balance is not letting me buy s much s I'd quite like. Although one thing I've been buying into Costume Jewellery, at a rapid pace in recent months and I've found that for a small price you can grab a statement piece that can total transform a simple outfit. 

Recently I've come across a few incredible places for Jewellery that I'd like to share. My first stop for some great pieces is the cute brand Little Birdie London. A relatively new brand, but offering some on trend pieces at great prices and even more the quality is much better than I've found at High street stores which have been around for years. This alone means that Little Birdie is a definite must when searching for the right piece.

The second is Dixi. An absolutely fantastic place for statement Rings and Necklaces. There specialty is precious stones and crystals, set in silver. This is right up my street and if you're looking for jewellery with a vintage feel you'll certainly get this at Dixi. With prices starting at £10, its a sure thing you'll find something within budget. 

These kind of places mean that although I might not be buying new clothing, I'm certainly buying Accessories and with product like this on offer I needn't worry as I can refresh my look as often as I like. Perfect!

Is there any other great websites I should be looking at for Jewellery? 

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