Winter Warmers Wish List

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1. Orange Oversized Coat- Topshop £175 / 2. Checked Coat- Zara £129 / 3. Green Slouchy Coat- Monki £50 / 
4. Grey Tailored Coat- Stella McCartney £1940 / 5. Black Tailored Coat- Alexander Wang  £730 / 6. Curved Seam Wool Coat- COS £175 / 7. Oversized Check Coat- River Island £65 / 8. Hooded Wool Coat- COS £150

Autumn's here and so another Wish List presents itself. I'd like to think this time it's a little more sensible, directional, thought about etc I mean no-one should be cold, right?! Okay, so maybe every choice isn't and this is a little extravagant in places (See Stella McCartney No4) but a girl can dream whilst having her sensible shoes on. Correct?!

I'd say everything on here is pretty much my usual style, the only thing kind of out there (for me) is this orange beauty from Topshop (1). Oversized Lapels, Statement Colour and Slouchy, it's a win, win situation if you ask me.

My absolute favourite is the COS hooded wool Coat in maroon. This is quite different to the other coats I own and I'd be quite keen (determined) to get this in my wardrobe this season. Another one I'm hoping to buy is the Monki Long Coat in Khaki. This is just £50 and with that in mind I can't imagine this is very warm, it seems more of jacket to me. That's not a problem though, I definitely have room for jackets in my closet.

Winter's on it's way and I have my eyes on many pieces, let's just hope I get what I want, what I really really want. (sorry)

X jessie


  1. I love the style of all of those coats! I really want an oversized/boyfriend coat for this winter :)

    life-of-libby.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. Me too- Ive been looking at so many need to just pick the right one!



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