What A Girl Wants- September

Necklace- Topshop £17.50
Notebook- Smythson £110 
Angora Knitted Jumper- Topshop £68
Leather Skirt- Zara £79.99

What a girl wants, what a girl needs was a hit for Christina and these beauties are on my hit list this month. Some are well out of reach, whereas some could be working their way into my wardrobe if I spend my money right this month. The winner on here for me has to be the Philip Lim Loafers, what I would do for those beauties, but at £470 they wont be making it into my wardrobe! So please please let me know if you spot anything similar on the high street. The Smythson notebook is beautifully finished with a leather sleeve, perfect for some notes on LFW, wouldn't you say? The necklace from Topshop and Skirt from Zara are unbelievable so I'll definitely be looking into gaining those this month. At the moment I'm feeling everything and anything related to mohair so this pastel blue cropped jumper is bloody perfect.

Are you lusting for anything this month?

X jessie


  1. I'm lusting for some caviar this month and a pair of black lady/mary janes. Only problem is that I can't find the ones I want in my small town. Not that I can find the ones that I want at all :)

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    1. I know exactly how you feel! I will link up to it now!



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